Hotel Cafe Residency – Week 4

The final night of the fall 2014 Hotel Cafe Residency for Halo Circus. October 17, 2014. It was guitarist Brian Stead’s Birthday. Happy birthday to The Steadman!
Orianthi, who was on the Glamnation tour with Allison in 2010 and guested on the single version of “Don’t Waste The Pretty”, was on hand as a special guest.

Halo Circus action figures in rehearsal for the show
Another rehearsal shot
HappyBDay to Brian
HappyBDay to Brian 2
Happy Birthday Brian
Special Guest Orianthi
Halo Circus and Orianthi
Halo Circus and Orianthi 2
Allison and Orianthi
Orianthi, Allison, and Veronica
Orianthi, Allison, and Veronica 2
Allison and Orianthi with a fan
YahooMusic’s Lyndsey Parker and Allison

Thanks to SnapCracklyPop for this full set:

From JC Torres

Happy Birthday Brian

From Libracats

The Examiner previews night 4
Allison’s favorite places via CarsTravelFood

Hotel Cafe Residency – Week 2

Media round up for the 2nd week of Halo Circus’ residency shows at the Hotel Cafe. October 3rd, 2014.
Articles and Blurbs
Five-Star show review from the Examiner
From LA Mag
From Hollywood Reporter
Review from Local Music Nation
Kicking Ass and Being Awesome, Interview by The Examiner

Pics and Instavids
In song
Veronica and Allison
Halo Circus on Stage
The rabbit rocks
Allison, Matthew, and Gee on stage
Allison Singing
Allison With Fans
Full Band on stage
Allison and a fan
Clip of Nothing At All
Clip of All I Have

Cover of Julieta Venegas “Verdad”

Clip of Verdad

Sept. 2014 Article/Interview Round Up

9-15 bandinzepool
Since this month has been full of Allison and Halo Circus related interviews and articles we decide to round up all the links for you in one place.

Residency at Hotel Cafe

Matthew talks about an album he loves

Halo Circus shares their dream tour picks

Q&A With Allison via tremblayTV

Q&A With Allison via the Examiner

Examiner Interview Continues

Hotel Cafe Residency via the Examiner

Halo Circus poised to have best year yet & a few new pics

AXS Interview

Review Fix Interview

AXS Article

Halo Circus also did a fantastic podcast interview with The Intellexual. They talk about each members background and how the quartet blends as a band, and many other things as well. Podcast Interview

In addition to all the articles, please enjoy this gallery that includes Allison and Veronica at the Lost Time movie premier:
Lost Time arrivals

Halo Circus @ The Hotel Cafe July 29, 2014

Hotel Cafe July 29th

Halo Circus celebrated the release of their latest single, “Do You Believe In Shame?”, with a concert at The Hotel Cafe in LA on July 29, 2014. The track, released earlier in the month, will be included on a Duran Duran tribute album that is due out in August. Duran Duran’s John Taylor was on hand for the event.
Check out the back story on choosing and recording DYBIS from Matthew here
The back story from Matthew

Below you can find our media round up of the event.
Singing Allison
Allison Pre-Show
On Stage
Halo Circus rocking out

Videos (Thanks to JC Torres):
Something Special

Do You Believe In Shame?

Band Aid


All I Have

Halo Circus @ The Hotel Cafe June 17th, 2014

Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus played The Hotel Cafe in LA on June 17th, 2014. This venue is a favorite of theirs.

Pics and Instavids:
Allison PreShow
Halo Circus
Guns clip1
Guns clip2
All I Have clip
DYBIS clip

Videos(thank you JC Torres):
All I Have

Do You Believe In Shame (Duran Duran cover)

Nothing At All

Something Special

Stand Up

Out Of Love

Band Aid


LA Grammy Showcase @The Mint


Media round up of Halo Circus playing the LA Grammy Showcase at The Mint on May 7th, 2014.
Allison, Matthew, Veronica, and Brian were joined by Gee Rabe (LA’s Accordion Diva) for a few songs.

Brian and Veronica PreShow
Singing Allison
The Band on Stage
HC on Stage
Allison and Matthew on Stage
Nothing At All clip

Videos (Thank you JC Torres for capturing the Halo Circus Magic)

Nothing At All

Band Aid

Guns In Our Hands

Something Special