Allison Iraheta at the Ultimate Rock and Roll Experience

Allison and several other ex-Idols were part of the Ultimate rock and roll experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancún, Méjico this past November, 2012.

Watch Allison perform a cover of Heart’s Barracuda

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Allison Iraheta on Telemundo’s “Asignación Especial”

Allison was featured on the Los Angeles Telemundo affiliate

Translation of the video is found below

Sometimes we dream of being singers, being in show business; but when you’re born in a poor place like a center in Los Angeles, surrounded by violence and danger it might look like simply that, a dream. But Allison Iraheta reached her dream and the stars.
Announcer: Allison Iraheta has a privileged voice that allowed her to attain her dream and success. This young lady became the third runner up on American Idol, beating thousands of participants until she arrived at an unknown world, but a desired one.
Allison: I only wanted to sing. I didn’t even care if I won. I only wanted to sing for people
Announcer: Daughter of Salvadorian immigrants, Allison was born in Los Angeles and grew up surrounded by danger in the LA south center.
Allison: I remember my mother never allowed me to go out after 3:00 in the afternoon. She would pick me up at school and we’d go straight home.
Announcer: But neither danger, poverty nor the obstacles stopped her from becoming a singer.
Allison: I’m very fortunate that I made it to where I did. It’s a completely different world.
Announcer: These days, Allison is the vocalist of a band that’s delighting thousands of people in the south of California and the rest of the American nation.
Allison: When you’re told that you’ve got no talent, that you can’t do anything, no, you can’t be a singer, how are you going to be a singer? That only means you’re closer. You’re going to keep going down the list of those who will keep saying no until you reach one person who will say yes. And that person will be yourself or the audience that you’ll reach. That will make you more sure of yourself.