Catching up with Allison Iraheta at the NARM Convention

NARM, the music business association, honored American Idol with a special Outstanding Achievement Award to celebrate the show’s 10th season on the air and highlight its impact on the world of music. Belinda Thomas from the LA Music Examiner spoke to Allison Iraheta before the ceremony. Watch her interview below.


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  • Cie13

    bluesy rock?!? 

  • Cie13

    she didnt technically say thats who she was she said she was singing that genre some in her new CD 

  • Armando

    She looks more mature.  And she has a good voice.
    However, I am not a fan of tattoos.
    I think she is messing up her body with does hideous tattoos.

    • Mar

      Not a fan of tattoos myself but I don’t think hers are hideous at all. 

  • RoseMarie

    Allison has an amazing voice.
    Hopefully, she will find a good composer for her nex album
    And hopefully add some heavy rock.