Allison Iraheta at Nick Cannon’s Take Action Leadership Event

Today Allison is at Nick Cannon’s Take Action Leadership Event. Allison has so far appeared on the red carpet and she has been interviewed about future music! Be sure to check back here for any media from this event and the interview!

The event is described as:

On Saturday May 21, 29 Los Angeles Unified Schools will send their biggest and best on-campus celebrities to compete in a head-to-head battle to determine the district’s best singers,dancers, musicians, visual artists and spoken word performers at the Beyond the Bell Take Action Leadership Campaign event.

Competition winners will receive scholarships, awards and prizes awarded by Hollywood celebrities such as Nick Cannon (Teen Nick Chairman, America’s Got Talent), Romeo Miller (Jumping The Broom), Allison Iraheta (Top 4 finalist on American Idol), Teck Holmes (The Real World, Hole In The Wall Host), Jason “2Z” Duncan (Stomp the Yard 1 & 2), by Poreotics (Current Champions of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew) and More. In addition Performances are scheduled by Nick Cannon’s Ncredible artists The School Gyrls (self titled Teen Nick Movie), the Wonder Broz (New hit single “Chitty Chitty”), L.A. dance legends the Rangers & Colette Carr (Interscope/Cherry Tree artist). The day will be further highlighted with a 2,000 student flash mob led by celebrity choreographer Chuck Maldonado (Missy Elliott, Usher).


From the Huffington Post:

Allison Iraheta, also hit the red carpet at the event. Iraheta beamed, saying, “it’s really cool that all these students are here doing what I wanted to do at that age and they have the opportunity to go to the after school programs and do this.” She added, “It’s always great to be surrounded by so much talent.”

Check back for more pics and media! Current pics from @TeamAims and @ChrisTrondsen

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