Allison Iraheta at the Idol Finale and Finale Watch Party

Red Carpet

Red Carpet interview by @RanaNYC


Allison sang an acoustic cover of Radiohead’s Creep:


She also sang two new songs: Tonight and Love.



A little bit of Creep: CLICK HERE

From Lyndsey Parker at Yahoo. Read her write-up:

Red carpet interview (thanks to @yendiders). Allison at 3:39.


Allison and her tattoo popping her shoulder:

Audio interview of Allison Iraheta and David Archuleta with Jojo Wright on KIIS FM


A behind the scenes moment with Allison and Jojo:


Red Carpet Bonus Interview with MTV’s Jim Cantielo. Watch out for Allison Iraheta: Season 8 Goddess at 1:18 & 1:55

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Little tidbit from Water Cooler Convo, who was at the Idol Finale:

Later in the show, Blake Lewis grabbed Allison Iraheta from further back and brought her up to a seat with him near the front row

Some of these photos were tweeted by Jojo Wright from KIIS-FM in Los Angeles and Lyndsey Parker. Allison performed an acoustic set with David Immerman and Tim Stewart on the guitars. According to Parker, she sang a cover of Radiohead’s Creep and two original songs: Love and Tonight.

  • Cie13

    She is stunningly beautiful!! idk about those red shoes though!Gosh shes been extremely busy these days huh

  • Cie13

    and whos the dude?

  • Cie13

    o never mind

  • Kat

    Wow….. Wow. Love Her

  • Mar

    Wow is all I can say. Those songs sound really good and her voice has never sounded better, so powerful and rich. 

  • LDR

    When will this be released!!!

  • rubman10

    WOW !!!! WOW !!!! WOW !!!! Holy shit! Now that’s Allison! Need me some more of that! The 2 new songs are BLAZIN’ Hotttt ! BLAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mendijarj

    She’s pretty,,i so totally agree w/ Parker,,why such mind blowing vocal end up 4th? anyway,,being the last girl standing of S8 that tells something..she might change physically but her voice is still incredible as ever.

  • Cindy LeHoux

    Love the new songs and love the tat….its beautiful….keep going girl U rock….Love ya

  • Cie13

    When are these out!!!!C’mon girl this ain’t fair, showing us all these songs that you know we’ll love but then not telling us when they’ll be out! LOL when when when!?!

  • Irina_something

    ok, i am blown away ! holy crap ! those songs are amazing, her voice sounds better then ever. i love her so much right now !

  • Mikemcdff

    I think Allison just might be the best live singer ever.

    • Mendijarj

      i think so too!!!

  • Ulysses

    Shes SO friggin sexy!!! Arrr! AND she is my fav Idol ever. I love you, Allison!