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Allison Iraheta at Broadway & Beyond weSPARK Variety Show Benefit

The second annual Broadway & Beyond, was held September 26th at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.

Broadway & Beyond featured performances by Billy Gardell (CBS’ Mike & Molly), Tony Award winner John Lloyd Young (Jerseyboys) and Wayne Brady (Let’s Make a Deal). American Idol finalist Allison Iraheta and percussion group Rhythm Extreme were also among those who lit up the stage.

Founded in 2001, weSPARK Cancer Support Center is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients, their families, and friends. weSPARK provides free services designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit of all those whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Read more HERE

Short clip of Allison’s performance:


AMAZING! Picture Gallery from —> WeSpark <— Some pictures featured in the gallery below.


Allison Iraheta at the Idol Finale and Finale Watch Party

Red Carpet

Red Carpet interview by @RanaNYC


Allison sang an acoustic cover of Radiohead’s Creep:


She also sang two new songs: Tonight and Love.



A little bit of Creep: CLICK HERE

From Lyndsey Parker at Yahoo. Read her write-up:

Red carpet interview (thanks to @yendiders). Allison at 3:39.


Allison and her tattoo popping her shoulder:

Audio interview of Allison Iraheta and David Archuleta with Jojo Wright on KIIS FM


A behind the scenes moment with Allison and Jojo:


Red Carpet Bonus Interview with MTV’s Jim Cantielo. Watch out for Allison Iraheta: Season 8 Goddess at 1:18 & 1:55

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Little tidbit from Water Cooler Convo, who was at the Idol Finale:

Later in the show, Blake Lewis grabbed Allison Iraheta from further back and brought her up to a seat with him near the front row

Some of these photos were tweeted by Jojo Wright from KIIS-FM in Los Angeles and Lyndsey Parker. Allison performed an acoustic set with David Immerman and Tim Stewart on the guitars. According to Parker, she sang a cover of Radiohead’s Creep and two original songs: Love and Tonight.

Beyond The Bell's 4th Annual Take Action Leadership Campaign

Allison Iraheta at Nick Cannon’s Take Action Leadership Event

Today Allison is at Nick Cannon’s Take Action Leadership Event. Allison has so far appeared on the red carpet and she has been interviewed about future music! Be sure to check back here for any media from this event and the interview!

The event is described as:

On Saturday May 21, 29 Los Angeles Unified Schools will send their biggest and best on-campus celebrities to compete in a head-to-head battle to determine the district’s best singers,dancers, musicians, visual artists and spoken word performers at the Beyond the Bell Take Action Leadership Campaign event.

Competition winners will receive scholarships, awards and prizes awarded by Hollywood celebrities such as Nick Cannon (Teen Nick Chairman, America’s Got Talent), Romeo Miller (Jumping The Broom), Allison Iraheta (Top 4 finalist on American Idol), Teck Holmes (The Real World, Hole In The Wall Host), Jason “2Z” Duncan (Stomp the Yard 1 & 2), by Poreotics (Current Champions of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew) and More. In addition Performances are scheduled by Nick Cannon’s Ncredible artists The School Gyrls (self titled Teen Nick Movie), the Wonder Broz (New hit single “Chitty Chitty”), L.A. dance legends the Rangers & Colette Carr (Interscope/Cherry Tree artist). The day will be further highlighted with a 2,000 student flash mob led by celebrity choreographer Chuck Maldonado (Missy Elliott, Usher).


From the Huffington Post:

Allison Iraheta, also hit the red carpet at the event. Iraheta beamed, saying, “it’s really cool that all these students are here doing what I wanted to do at that age and they have the opportunity to go to the after school programs and do this.” She added, “It’s always great to be surrounded by so much talent.”

Check back for more pics and media! Current pics from @TeamAims and @ChrisTrondsen

Allison Iraheta answers twitter questions!

oh yes yesAllison held a twitter party today! Yay! This means that her fans submitted questions directly to her through twitter and she answered! We compiled the questions/answers. They’re below!

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive; who would it be?:)

  • janis joplin for suureeeeee

llamas or alpacas?

  • llamo? hahah

are u gonna come out with new music?

  • oh yes yes

When will we hear new music from you?

  • WHEN? is a good question… but i cant wait to know my self when youll all b able to hear it !

Do you fart a lot?

  • who doesnt fart alot ..

What is your happiest childhood memory?

  • riding horses with the fam ever weekend

What’s your process of songwriting? Do you start with a melody? Or a concept?

  • sometimes melodies hit me faster then the concept..

are you still a virgin? (Alliholics’ commentary: *cringe*)

  • touched for the very first time , like a viii ii ii rgeeennnnnnn ” haha yea thats a great song by madonna

Pepsi or coke?

  • COKE !

dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

  • sneeze then hit my face on the dining table …

any acting jobs coming up? Heard you took acting classes? Are you more of a comedic or dramatic actress?

  • hopefully in the future.. i really like the comedic roles

favourite adam lambert song? :D

  • fever

so what can ya tell us about some new songs/album in the works? I LOVED your debut album! You really to rock imho! xo

  • the new stuff is gonna be nastier … darker, and all very personal :) :)

do YOU like waffles?

  • fukn love waffles…

first of all I love you :) and I was wondering when we are gonna hear new music from you?

  • i love you!! and trust me workin on new stuff.. just takin my time this time .. wont let ya down ;)

Celebrity girl crush?

  • mila kunis…

what advice do you have for anybody who wants to audition for idol? & I luhhz you gangsta! xD

  • go for it and be your self :) like yOU .. STAY GANGSTAH

SOOOO, ALLISON. Do you like Nutella?!


can’t for the new music! I’m from Bali and just wanna say hope you liked the “Batik” I gave to you (if u still remember) ;)

  • of course! thank you so much.. will never forget my trip there… hope to make it back there soon !!

fave color…???????

  • still and always will be red, think ima buy some red jeans…

what would u do if u had a unicorn as ur pet?

  • i’d quit everything in life to just commit to taking care of that unicorn …

so what’s the story behind your new and quite awesome tattoo?

  • got it in san diego… a walk in .. took 4 hours.. the guys was amazing!!

Dream Vacation?

  • go back to bali and stay there longer ..

Do you love living on your own or what?

  • i love it.. still have the family around but when its time to work … its perfect..

I love you…#js

  • i love you :)

favorite swear word?

  • shit.. i dont know.. ;)

Barbies or Bratz?

  • barbies?

Can you reply to me? ;D

  • why yes :)

are you a good dancer?

  • wouldnt say im great.. but i think i can move hahah

how many tattoos do you have?

  • just 2

Love ur new tattoo..can it plz be on the cover of your next CD

  • i think your on to somethin…

Are you a morming or night person?

  • night person…… muahahah

[question deleted]

  • yeeeeeeessss!!! :)

which one. Bruno mars? Or Adele?

  • adele

What do you think of @ negativeneil’s avatar?”

  • sexy mo fuker..

I doubt that you read this but I just wanted to say that look up to you you’re so amazing and so perfect & I love you. :) 4

  • i did.. and it means alot.. thank YOU so much for helpin me become who i am… and i hope that YOU too are amazing..

would you ever wanna work with linda perry

  • i would love to work with lindaperry .. look up to her so much

if u could would u ever do a song with Adele

  • that would be amazing..

what is your favorite fruit?

  • love loove lovvveee grapes!!!

how did you crack your iphone?

  • dropped it many.. MANY times….

would you like to come in italy?

  • would love love love to go to italy

Puppies or kittens?

  • puppies..

so, u don’t love me and @rainnluv? *sobs*

  • i do love you!! I met you in SF! Please tell me you remember this!

  • i do!!!!!! ;)

Still playin that guitar??

  • tryin to hahahaha

do u think adam and/or tommy r hot?!?!(;

  • theyr both pretty damn sexy haha

Allison closed the twitter party with these words:

alrighty guys!!! we shall do this again.. and please please i know i said feb.. i messed up on that one.. my bad.. but the time will come..and i cant wait to share it with you all ..


Allison Iraheta at “Estilo con Causa 2″

Any media from this event will be posted here! According to this article Allison closed the event.

Here’s some photos in a video from the event. Allison pops up several times throughout the video, starting at 1:27s. Thank you @chablica for sending this to us!

Allison sings a few notes of Mana’s Vivir sin aire on this video!


Allison was also interviewed by @jadoreit (thank you @soapgem and @maracev for sending us the link). Read the article and watch the video HERE. For those who can’t see it on their flash player, we uploaded it to youtube:


And photos from the event! Thank you to @miegoblog, LookToTheStarz, TheFabLife and WilkiIMAGE for photos!

Teresa LaBarbera Whites (Senior Vice President of A&R at Columbia Records) talks a bit about Allison Iraheta in an interview.

Teresa LaBarbera Whites, who was Allison’s A & R on “Just Like You” with Jive, and who is now Senior Vice President of A&R at Columbia Records mentions Allison in an interview, and gives Allison incredible compliments.

Here’s what she had to say about Allison:

I love working with new artists, discovering and developing who they are and who they will become as a recording artist. Allison Iraheta (American Idol finalist) has one of the most amazing voices. Being in the studio with a young voice like hers, so full of soul and power reminded us all (me and the producers she was working with) why we got into the music business.

Read the whole interview below:

Tone chat

Allison Iraheta: Tone Backstage Pass Facebook Chat

Allison did the Tone Backstage Pass live Facebook chat today. She answered questions directly posted on Tone’s Facebook wall by fans from all over the world.

We are posting the questions she chose to answer and her answers for easier access. For privacy purposes we are not posting the name of the person who asked the question.

Some highlights of the chat:

- She will be releasing new music this year
- She did a NOH8 Picture today
- She hopes to work with Emilio and Gloria Estefan in the future

Read the entire chat below:


Allison: Wassup sorry I’m late. Let’s do this!!!!

Q: was it always your dream to sing?
A: Si :)

Q: Favorite type of ice cream?
A: rocky road!

Q: You have the best music, personallity, looks, singing voice, and hair i have ever seen on a person. Your songs from just like you are sooooo amazing (thats the best word i can think of right now) you r just a good person and the funniest person ive heard. :D Who agrees? <3333
A: thank you !!!!

Q: I love your new hair! You mind if I put purple toward the ends of my hair like you? :)
A: hell yea go for it!!!

Q: favorite memory from glamnation?
A: so maaannyyyyyy!!! last show!! adam brought me out.

Q: Favorite fan gift from tour?? ;)
A: a mr. hankey doll :)

Q: Hey you are an amazing singer!! What is your favourite song ever?
‎A: “say it aint so”Weezer

Q: are you watching this season of Idol? How do you feel about the judging changes? ps You were my absolute favorite during your season. No contest.
A: yes i am!! i think they are awesome it def brings something different to the table

Q: if you had to trade your voice for someone else’s, who’s would it be and why?
A: caleb followill!! from kings of leon

Q: do you missss all your wonderful fans?
A: i doo!!!! theyr amazing!!

Q: i love your style allison :D
A: thaaaankkksss:)

Q: What did you think of Matt singing ‘No One Else’? Did you like his rendition? And thanks so much for stopping by!
A: i havnt seen it!! i need to !!!

Q: Any chance you are going to do a duet with Adam Lambert?
A: hopefully later on!!!

Q: Favorite tv showww?! :)
A: fam guy, south park , east bound and down

Q: What do you think of Nutella?
A: its the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..

Q: Alli :) are you and ori gonna collaborate more in the future?
A: hopefully!!!!

Q: Any new music coming? Or Videos?
A: si si .. stay tuned :)

Q: are you and david cook ever gonna do a duet?????? :) ♥ love youuu!! u da shiz
A: dont know! would love to!!! and thankkkssssss love u too !!

Q: allison u r amazing!!! Will u work with emilio and gloria estefan anytime in the future
A: hopefully!!!!!

Q: Do you plan on releasing any new music this year?
A: hell yeaaaaa

Q: If someone were to make a movie based on your life, what genre would it be and how would it be rated?

Q: Jeff King Big kiss….love the new hair. Jeff xx

Q: You’ve changed so much since your Idol days, do people still recognize you on the street?
A: not no mo!! Hehehe

Q: what do you think of J-LO being one of the new idol judges??(i think shes freaggin amazing) :P
A: think shes great!!

Q: So is there anything you can share with us about your future that we don’t know or do we need to wait until feb?
A: lookn forward to whats ahead.. will keep you allll pooosteedddd :)

Q: What’s the weather like where u are at?
A: its nice and warrrmm!!!!

Q: Do you have any strange fears or phobias?
A: Zombies

Q: ALlison I ♥ ur music so much! So what’s your favorite song to sing like of any song?
A: ex factor – lauryn hill , for now..

Q: Would you ever duet/date Lee Dewyze?
A: sure!!! it would be fun! wow wow wow…. hes like a bro to me tho!

Q: Do you get tired of people asking you the same questions about Adam and Idol?
A: Naaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Q: i have to say…. im pretty jelous that you look amazing with any hair color……. and im not just saying that cause i like love u..
A: ahhhhh thhaaaanksss ;p

Q: heyy would you ever do a NOH8 picture?
A: just did!! today!!

Q: I love Allison Iraheta
A: i love lisa Dalton

Q: Hi, Allison! Greetings from your biggest fan in cold Norway. :) I was wondering, since no one seem to know: when Adam Lambert was in Norway, were you there as well? I couldn’t go to his concert, and I was so bummed out about it. :/ I love your album, and you’re so talented. I look forward to see what the future holds for you. Best wishes! :)
A: no i wasnt:( hopefully in the near future i am tho.. and thank you for the support ..

Q: Since dying your hair black, what other colors have you wanted to dye your hair as a solid color?
A: so far just black…. for now ;)

Q: Would you be really mad at me if I dyed my hair black too? It looks amazing on you!! :P
A: no way!

Q: Do you ever get lonely in the job you do ?
A: no